Monday, August 29, 2005

We wanted to thank those that provided us with some very interesting information over the past 24 hours. Please note that we will protect the identities of any person supplying information concerning those fateful events that lead to her current condition. Our hope is to produce a timeline of the chronological events leading to Christina's current state. And a little forewarning, there will be no consideration paid to those involved in her demise.

We have submitted this website to a number of search engines over the past few days, so eventually all information posted here will be indexed and available to no fewer than 54 million people across the world. We also have a number of plans to increase the visability of this website through some very well known web technologies. The power of the web is a force that can truly change lives!

Today Christina was again visited by her Aunt and two cousins. While Christina's condition remains grave, her Aunt and cousins continue to provide visable comfort. Combing her hair, soothing voices and supportive assurances. In fact, the medical staff has been nothing but supportive and caring of Christina - a far cry from florida Medical Care described to us! We will not even mention the type of care she received there because it is just plain disgusting and degrading to Christina.

Times like these require something called "Family" and at least in part, Christina does have family that truly cares about her.........


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