Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hello, I am Maria Christinas`s best friend since we were in the 6th grade! I KNOW HER WELL AND BELIEVE ME I KNOW SHE CAN PULL THROUGH THIS. When I was up visiting her at 9:15 pm ON AUG 4, I asked Christina if you hear me try to sit up and she did it! She did this 2 times in a row. Then I ask her on Aug 6th at 10:.30 and one of the nurses said she does not respond to commands, she said go ahead and try it, so I did. I told her to move her legs up and she did it a few times ! When the nurse saw this, she said "Oh my - she really does listen to you!" I do this when I visit to be sure it is happening over and over as they kept telling me it is just a reflex. It can not be a reflex happening over and over again. She follows me around the room with her eyes and is watching me. When the sitter tickled her feet she was moving away like it did just that - it tickled . I have been up and I have been reading to her showing her pictures and talking about better times in the past. I know she has a chance. I also observed Christina moving her all over the bed like a wiggle worm.(one nurse stated) something is working! She also gets very sad when I am leaving! She knows it when I tell her I am going for an lil bit and she starts to cry. I can calm her down and reassure her I will be back. I will keep you posted.


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