Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hello, I wanted to introduced myself - I am Christina's Aunt Shari.

We were hopeful that we were going to have Christina on a plane from Florida to Boston this morning. Largo Medical center indicated that she could be released from their hospital, but they stated she could not fly! We are not sure of the reason.

Christina has a trach that is not in use and has not been used for quite some time. She also has a catheter. We were aware that the trach may need to be suctioned.

We had arranged a ride to the airport with a nurse as well as nurses on the Boston end to accept her from the flight. It did not happen. We are so depressed because we know the medical care in Boston is top notch. People come from all over the world to be treated by Boston medical facilities. We were praying that Spaulding Rehab's Traumatic Brain Injury unit would admit Christina.

We will keep on trying to get Christina rehabilitation. We understand that for Traumatic Brain Injuries rehab should start within 30 days of the injury. We are now over 6 weeks, so there is a real sense of urgency here!


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