Thursday, August 04, 2005

The purpose of this website is to document and record the tragic events surrounding the brutal and unsolved crime involving 22 year old Christina Anne Wojcik of Seminole Florida and mother of a 2 year old daughter Alyssa Wojcik-Pasco.

On Father's Day weekend , an older man of 40 plus years, deceived Christina was deceived with the promise of food and safe haven. real intentions were not apparent until he had slipped Drugs into her drink rendering her helpless and unconscious.

It was not until 3-4 days later that the local police located her in a condo . He had left her on the couch wrapped in a white sheet for 3 days, her tongue was so enlarged from dehydration and her condition so grave that the paramedic were sure she was dead. By all indications it appeared that they was waiting for Christina to pass away, thereby hiding the secrets and evidence of what had transpired in the prior 48-72 hours.

However, she was not dead but was suffering from a traumatic brain injury brought on by an overdose of drugs. Christina's fight to survive was about to begin. She was brought to The Medical Center in Florida where she received incompetent care . Only recently have we discovered that her doctor is not even a board certified neurologist. He is a MD practicing neurology. For over one month we have been told contradictory information from these "so called" medical professionals.

Christina has displayed signs of frontal lobe activity and brain activity.

Make no mistake, this is not a case of a completely brain dead individual. Christina responds to voice commands, has tried to sit up and displays activities that are consistent with an individual that has awakening consciousness. However, those in charge of her are rendering a death sentence. Why? Is it to Is it to bury any trace of information that can lead to how Christina ended up with this Traumatic Brain Injury. Who was involved in this crime and will Justice For Christina rendered?

Please help us. Time is of essence. We want to see Christina moved to a rehabilitation facility where she can receive the appropriate care, treatment and therapy that she deserves. We want to give her a second chance and we believe that through appropriate medical therapy that Christina can live to see her 2 year old daughter. The signs of frontal lobe activity are clear and indicates that Christina is not brain dead, but is aware. We believe that Christina needs to be transferred to a Brain Injury Rehabilitation program, such as one of 16 locations in the United States that has a TBI treatment center (An example is Spaulding Rehab Hospital:

The purpose of this website and journal is for the friends and extended family of Christina to have a place to document and share information about Christina. We want to make people aware of Christina's situation and to accomplish the goal of moving her to a rehab hospital. All we ask is that Christina be given a chance to receive appropriate care and therapy so she has the best chance of survival. We are asking for your help, not your donations or money - none are being accepted - but in bringing this tragic situation to the attention of the local community, government and aid organizations so that we can save Christina. Time is of the essence. Please help.

We will be adding eye witness accounts from family, friends and pictures of Christina to this site. Please check back daily for the most recent updates. Thank you and God Bless........


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At 4:23 PM, Blogger Shari said...

My name is Shari II. I am Christina's cousin from the Boston area. As most of you reading this know we are all praying that we can get the appropriate medical attention Christina needs. But what a lot of you dont know is that a few years ago Christina was on the other end praying for me. I was very sick with a blood infection that rendered me helpless in a hospital bed. The difference was that I was in Boston at Childrens Hospital. When the doctors told my friends and family that my chances of survival were at only 20%, Childrens Hospital beat those odds. Now all I want for her is the same opportunity at life. God knows she deserves it. Any publicity and community awareness you can do will only help the situation. Let the world know of what they are losing because her life is valuable to all. Thankyou and Godbless


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