Friday, September 16, 2005

All is good here in heaven, now I am at peace
I was so scared in my final hours, but god was by my side
He told me to be unafraid, that soon I would find the light
My breathing was so shallow, my pulse got so weak
God told me to be brave, soon their would be no pain, pain that went on for weeks
I will miss all of you, family, and friends alike
You were so caring, so selfless, and kind
Their is one thing you need to know coming from me
The world is a cruel place, something I have learned
Tell Mommy I love her, Blow daddy a kiss; tell Alyssa I will watch over her
and, that I love her with all my heart, and please tell my brother that everything will be all right
I must leave you all, but I know we will meet again, god is calling me home
And I have a job to watch over all of you
Please don't cry for me, for I am now at peace

written By cousin Vicky

I am sorry to tell you Christina has passed away. Her funeral will be on Monday. The site was not updated as the one of the aunts in the family has another child in the hospital and I did not get the details from them as they were at there Childs Bedside where Parents Belong ! When they had a moment, I was informed of Christinas lonely passing.

I would also like to thank the Monument company in Quincy who offered a beautiful monument at no charge in Christina’s Memory .We were unable to accept as she is buried in a plaque section. I asked them if they could donate one to a family from the Boston children’s Hospital in her memory. Thank you so much for you kindness.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

It has been a while since we posted an update, but we wanted to let you all know that Christina remains at Brigham & Woman's Hospital in Boston. She is still in very serious condition and there has not been any dramatic change in her condition either way. However, she is receiving excellent medical care from some of the best care-givers in the world - a far cry from where she was!

Out of respect and privacy for the family, we are not going to post any further updates unless there has been a great change in the situation. We did accomplish the major goal of seeing her to a better medical facility and in getting solid, objective medical tests and evaluations. We will continue to compile information on what exactly happened to her in Florida that lead to her current state.

Thanks again for everyone's concerns, support and prayers.

Monday, August 29, 2005

We wanted to thank those that provided us with some very interesting information over the past 24 hours. Please note that we will protect the identities of any person supplying information concerning those fateful events that lead to her current condition. Our hope is to produce a timeline of the chronological events leading to Christina's current state. And a little forewarning, there will be no consideration paid to those involved in her demise.

We have submitted this website to a number of search engines over the past few days, so eventually all information posted here will be indexed and available to no fewer than 54 million people across the world. We also have a number of plans to increase the visability of this website through some very well known web technologies. The power of the web is a force that can truly change lives!

Today Christina was again visited by her Aunt and two cousins. While Christina's condition remains grave, her Aunt and cousins continue to provide visable comfort. Combing her hair, soothing voices and supportive assurances. In fact, the medical staff has been nothing but supportive and caring of Christina - a far cry from florida Medical Care described to us! We will not even mention the type of care she received there because it is just plain disgusting and degrading to Christina.

Times like these require something called "Family" and at least in part, Christina does have family that truly cares about her.........

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Christina's cousin and Aunt visited with her yesterday. Christina really enjoyed having her hair washed, conditioned and brushed out in a pony tail by her cousin. She really seemed to recognize her cousin and the nurses took note of this and wrote it down in Christina's Chart.

An interesting note seems to be that Christina relates and reacts more to people of her own age, such as the two cousins that have visited with her (ages 21 and 17).
Christina was also soothed by some beautiful "Spoken Word" music by the Irish singer Roma Downey (that is today's picture - the album cover). Her album "Healing Angel" contains soft flowing music and inspirational verses such as "Be Thou My Vision", "A Simple Prayer" and "Peace and Healing". The first song she heard was "Be Thou My Vision" and upon hearing this music she relaxed, stopped crying and gently fell asleep. It really seemed to have an effect on her which would indicate that she is aware of her surroundings, perception, touch and feel.

Remember that Miracles can happen and will happen. That is why this word "Miracle" is in our language and other languages too. It is there for the simple reason to explain why things happen that should not happen. When the cards are stacked against you or when all hope is lost, a single grain of sand can and will make a difference. Suddenly that grain of sand is stronger than anyone can imagine and there is no way to stop it.

A good example of a Miracle was the Boston Red Sox's 2004 World Series Win. No one thought they could come back from losing 3 straight games to the Yankees to win the Pennant and then the World Series, but people believed they could do it. Some people gave up, but others continued to believe that it was going to happen. What started as a "foolish hope" suddenly took on a life of its own - all because people believed it could happen.

Don't lose hope, believe and let it happen. We believe in you Christina!

We are starting to receive emails from people that know Christina. We will post them here, but will edit the emails to remove direct references to the person that sent the email. We would be interested in receiving any emails directly from people that know of or have heard of the circumstances surrounding her last night and following 72 hours before she was rescued by the paramedics.

Christina's friend writes,

"Christina and I where good friends in school. Over the years her and I grew apart and lost touch. My heart goes out to her and I really hope she comes out of this ok. I hope to see her well again and be able to catch up the years with her, It really sounds like she needs good friends around. I will keep praying and tell Christina I said hello and to get well soon."

Dear Friend, we will mention this to Christina at the next visit. Thank you for taking the time to write.

We look forward to more emails! The best way to help from a far is to pass this website on to as many people as you know. The more information and knowledge that is sent to us, the better able we will be to accomplish the stated goals for this site.

Friday, August 26, 2005

It has been a very busy last 24 hours and this is the first chance for an update to Christina's story. She is now at Brigham & Woman's hospital and the level of care, compassion and academic medicine is just mind boggling .The Boston medical staff have been on the phone with The medical center trying to find her records and get information about what they were doing !

A team of neurologists and physicians have been working with Christina with various tests . The reality is that Christina is in a very serious condition with her traumatic brain injury; however, she is not in a vegetative state! That is the good news. The doctors and medical staff have given some options for treatment. While there was no clear answer because of the seriousness of her condition, it is looking more likely that they will proceed with rehabilitation efforts. Of course, this is the immediate family's decision.

We must not lose hope and must keep the faith that improvement will happen. We are working on getting photographs in Christina's room of her 2 year old little girl. Shopping at Walmart for health care products to make her more comfortable (i.e. lotion, cleansing wipes, etc.)

At this point in time, knowledge is very important. We have located some articles on the internet about treatment and will be asking the physicians about what we learn. If you have seen any recent articles or websites about experimental treatments or ways of improving a persons consciousness from brain injury please forward them to our email address: JusticeForChristina.

And we would like to make a correction to our initial reports of the person responsible for Christina's current condition.We Really do not know the cause or the who ? We do know there is no open case in pinellas to our knowledge ? we do know that we all loved christina and something bad happened to her !
First and foremost, our energies at this time are with helping Christina. The main purpose of this site will be to 1) To help Christina, 2) To determine how to best help Alyssia Christina's two year old daughter understand her mom was a great person and loved her very much - 3) Render Justice for Christina!

Thank you all for your prayers, hope and compassion. We will keep the faith! Please continue to pass this website address on to all of your email lists, friends and family.