Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We hope to have an update posted on Christina this week. We understand that she is not in a coma, although, it is difficult for both the family and the medical doctors at Largo Medical Center to make a proper determination without appropriate testing. As we have stressed, this is one of the reasons she should be moved - to a facility that can properly make a diagnosis. We hope to have a complete update later this week, but because there is a lot being worked on we may not post everything until after things happen. We do not want to jeopardize any plans that are being worked on for Christina!

There have been some questions about who has created this website and we have learned that it is possible that Largo Medical Center maybe monitoring this site. Let it be known that the creators of this site reside North of the Mason-Dixon line. We are very experienced and well known in certain media/entertainment circles and will of course leverage our experience to saturate the search engines, eventually, with articles from this site.

Our goal is to first help Christina recover through the telling of her story and or help other families in this type of struggle through this online journal. When we have accomplished our goal, this journal will serve as a lasting resource to be shared on the internet for all to see. Perhaps through this medium, it will help someone else down the road with a loved one that experiences a similar fate as Christina.


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