Sunday, August 07, 2005

We wanted to post a picture of Christina as we felt it was important for you to see the face behind this story. This picture was taken in late 2003, during happier times, when her family from Massachusetts visited Christina and her newborn baby. We will be posting more pictures of Christina as family members and friends provide us photographs.

We also wanted to restate the purpose of this site. A few people have asked why are we not accepting donations. That is because there is no need of donations. Christina has medical insurance (for now) and there are plenty of organizations that we can seek help from. We would appreciate you helping us get people in the news media notified about this story or if you know someone of a high level - either medically or in the government that can help us get Christina moved to a rehabilitation facility. We would also appreciate your ideas and experience if you have any suggestions for us. Our email address is:


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