Sunday, August 14, 2005

Alot has happened since Friday in our efforts to get Christina moved out of The Florida Medical Center. First, a national organization will be helping to try and get us some answers about why The Medical Center continues to hold on to Christina (yes, angels do walk amoung us).

At the same time, The Florida medical center is moving through legal means to try and prevent our efforts in relocating Christina to a Boston hospital capable of providing rehabilitational medical care.

Calls are coming in with offers to help from nurses, doctors, friends and family if we get the go ahead that she can be moved to the Boston area.

It is very disturbing that these medical officials will not provide us with objective test results to explain their medical opinions concerning Christina's prognosis. We feel that there has not been enough testing done to accurately formulate a medical opinion concerning Christina's prognosis.

There just has not been enough testing done. A functional MRI comes to mind. This is a relatively new test developed in the early 1990's. Read more about it from the Columbia University:

CU research on fMRI

And then there are Visual and Auditory Evoked response potentials. These are commonly used in hospital neurology departments national wide. Electrodes are placed on the patient's head in corresponding locations and either visual or auditory simuli are administered. A study published in Neurology 2004 indicates this is a good test for predicting improvement or if the patient will slip into a PVS (persistent vegative state).

Notes from Christina's Room:
. The family continues to observed signs of awareness, but we are concerned that Christina is losing hope without proper rehabilitational services.


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