Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Once upon a dream - Tuesday August 23rd, 2005 - It was in our darkest hour that our hopes and plans to move Christina began to unravel. We tried our best to arrange for transportation to bring Christina to Brigham & Woman's hospital in Boston for treatment. Contacting as many people and organizations as possible, we did everything possible, but sadly, the pieces of this puzzle just would not fit.

And then it happened Christina was to be transported to Brigham & Woman's Hospital in Boston. Whoever is responsible for this "Act of Kindness" should know that you have heart felt thanks. You are truly an angel on this earth and we want you to know that we appreciates and are thankful that you have given Christina this tremendous gift of a chance at recovery.
As this is being written (Wednesday August 24th), Christina is in flight on a Airtrek Ambulance (Plane) .

I have often heard that faith can move mountains. Considering all of the obstacles, laws, regulations, personalities, medical issues and a thousand other items and entities that were preventing this move - I think it is safe to say that moving a mountain probably would have been easier.

Let us look not to the past, but to Christina's bright future of recovery It will take a year or more to recover! we may not even see signs of anything major for up to six months , but given the the time and patience

It can happen as seen on one of the many

web sites

Information about recovery expectations.

It is Just a wealth of knowledge!

It will not be easy and it certainly will have bumps in the road. We have changed the music of Christina's website to "Once upon a Dream" from the movie "Sleeping Beauty". And it seems very fitting that Sleeping Beauty is on her way to hopefully be rescued by the medical professionals of Boston - the medical capital of the world!

If she were given the time and patients she deserved.
Or Was there more to this that was hidden and buried on the Day of Christinas Death
Hmm God does Know . Godspeed and thank you to whoever made this possible To allow Christina this chance at Life .


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