Wednesday, August 17, 2005

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then what does this picture tell you? Perhaps you might think of your own child when you see this photograph and the memories of the most sacred night of the year. There are so many things to do before the big day! Christmas shopping, decorating, cooking and the yearly visit to the local Sears or photograph studio for that precious Christmas photograph of your little girl or boy. Here is Christina when she was 3 years old. Note the velvety red Christmas dress, the white tights and matching shoes. Her hair neatly combed with matching hair pieces. What do you think she was hoping for during this magical time of her life?

The story this picture tells is one of love. Someone loved and cared for her, made sure the memory of her childhood would be preserved in a picture that tells a thousand words. Those words speak to the hopes and dreams of her parents, wanting to share their little bundle of joy with a holiday photograph to family and friends. Much more than a picture, but a record and testament that her family cares about her.

Then there are the unseen words of this photograph. The Grandmother from Massachusetts who traveled all the way to Florida, even though she herself was suffering from terminal cancer, to visit her first grand-daughter. My....what a happy occasion that must have been when her eyes first layed site on Christina.

Bad things happen to good people and bad people don't stop to think how their actions will effect all of the family and friends of a victim. Perhaps you did not realize that there were people that cared for Christina, Mr. Wiley - or whatever your real name might be. We will be sure that the truth comes out about why you did not seek medical attention for Christina - leaving her on a couch for 3 days - you should be ashamed of yourself. Just because you were not raised in a good home with a family that cares, doesn't mean you should take someone's child away from them without remorse........


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