Friday, August 26, 2005

It has been a very busy last 24 hours and this is the first chance for an update to Christina's story. She is now at Brigham & Woman's hospital and the level of care, compassion and academic medicine is just mind boggling .The Boston medical staff have been on the phone with The medical center trying to find her records and get information about what they were doing !

A team of neurologists and physicians have been working with Christina with various tests . The reality is that Christina is in a very serious condition with her traumatic brain injury; however, she is not in a vegetative state! That is the good news. The doctors and medical staff have given some options for treatment. While there was no clear answer because of the seriousness of her condition, it is looking more likely that they will proceed with rehabilitation efforts. Of course, this is the immediate family's decision.

We must not lose hope and must keep the faith that improvement will happen. We are working on getting photographs in Christina's room of her 2 year old little girl. Shopping at Walmart for health care products to make her more comfortable (i.e. lotion, cleansing wipes, etc.)

At this point in time, knowledge is very important. We have located some articles on the internet about treatment and will be asking the physicians about what we learn. If you have seen any recent articles or websites about experimental treatments or ways of improving a persons consciousness from brain injury please forward them to our email address: JusticeForChristina.

And we would like to make a correction to our initial reports of the person responsible for Christina's current condition.We Really do not know the cause or the who ? We do know there is no open case in pinellas to our knowledge ? we do know that we all loved christina and something bad happened to her !
First and foremost, our energies at this time are with helping Christina. The main purpose of this site will be to 1) To help Christina, 2) To determine how to best help Alyssia Christina's two year old daughter understand her mom was a great person and loved her very much - 3) Render Justice for Christina!

Thank you all for your prayers, hope and compassion. We will keep the faith! Please continue to pass this website address on to all of your email lists, friends and family.


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