Friday, September 16, 2005

All is good here in heaven, now I am at peace
I was so scared in my final hours, but god was by my side
He told me to be unafraid, that soon I would find the light
My breathing was so shallow, my pulse got so weak
God told me to be brave, soon their would be no pain, pain that went on for weeks
I will miss all of you, family, and friends alike
You were so caring, so selfless, and kind
Their is one thing you need to know coming from me
The world is a cruel place, something I have learned
Tell Mommy I love her, Blow daddy a kiss; tell Alyssa I will watch over her
and, that I love her with all my heart, and please tell my brother that everything will be all right
I must leave you all, but I know we will meet again, god is calling me home
And I have a job to watch over all of you
Please don't cry for me, for I am now at peace

written By cousin Vicky


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