Sunday, August 28, 2005

Christina's cousin and Aunt visited with her yesterday. Christina really enjoyed having her hair washed, conditioned and brushed out in a pony tail by her cousin. She really seemed to recognize her cousin and the nurses took note of this and wrote it down in Christina's Chart.

An interesting note seems to be that Christina relates and reacts more to people of her own age, such as the two cousins that have visited with her (ages 21 and 17).
Christina was also soothed by some beautiful "Spoken Word" music by the Irish singer Roma Downey (that is today's picture - the album cover). Her album "Healing Angel" contains soft flowing music and inspirational verses such as "Be Thou My Vision", "A Simple Prayer" and "Peace and Healing". The first song she heard was "Be Thou My Vision" and upon hearing this music she relaxed, stopped crying and gently fell asleep. It really seemed to have an effect on her which would indicate that she is aware of her surroundings, perception, touch and feel.

Remember that Miracles can happen and will happen. That is why this word "Miracle" is in our language and other languages too. It is there for the simple reason to explain why things happen that should not happen. When the cards are stacked against you or when all hope is lost, a single grain of sand can and will make a difference. Suddenly that grain of sand is stronger than anyone can imagine and there is no way to stop it.

A good example of a Miracle was the Boston Red Sox's 2004 World Series Win. No one thought they could come back from losing 3 straight games to the Yankees to win the Pennant and then the World Series, but people believed they could do it. Some people gave up, but others continued to believe that it was going to happen. What started as a "foolish hope" suddenly took on a life of its own - all because people believed it could happen.

Don't lose hope, believe and let it happen. We believe in you Christina!


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